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When people are away from home on business or vacation, they tend to become very sensitive to inconveniences. To be clear, having a problem with the door lock at a hotel or motel qualifies as a big inconvenience. It’s your responsibility as a hotel manager to get the lock issue resolved as quickly as possible. That’s when Emergency Locksmith can help.

Emergency Locksmith in St Louis is a full-service locksmith. We are proud to serve hotels and motels in the area with a full slate of services. Give us a call!

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Hotel Door Lock Repairs in St. Louis

Hotel Door Lock Repairs in St. Louis

If a lock breaks or malfunctions, the solution might be nothing more than simple repairs. Our locksmith technicians are equipped with the tools and knowledge they will need to make any kind of lock repair on any kind of hotel lock. Here is some additional repair information for your convenience.

Types of Hotel Door Locks

Types of Hotel Door Locks

Hotel locks have to offer a lot of security while also being easy to access. Hotel locks come in two variations: full body (single piece of hardware) and separate components (reader and a lock handle). Reader locks come in these styles: Magstripe, Pincode, Bluetooth, and RFID. We would be remiss to not mention portable door locks for hotel rooms.

Common Hotel Door Lock Issues

Common Hotel Door Lock Issues

Locks with moving parts are always subject to breaking or malfunctioning. Here are some of the common issues that our hotel locksmiths encounter: physical damage to a portion of the lock, card key issues, lock is not getting power, connectivity problems, software glitches, internal lock jam.

How Long Does It Take?

How Long Does It Take?

Our locksmith technicians are quite proficient with hotel lock repairs. With that said, the time they will need to fix an issue will depend on the specific problem and the type of lock with which they are dealing. Most repairs can be done in under an hour.

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Emergency Locksmith is a reputable full-service locksmith that serves the St. Louis metro area. Our full menu of locksmith services is available for homes, rental properties, commercial businesses, and almost any kind of vehicle that might be on the road.

When you need a quality locksmith, a call to Emergency locksmith is a good place to start.

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Why Choose Professional Hotel Door Lock Services in St. Louis

Why Choose Professional Hotel Door Lock Services in St. Louis

It’s our responsibility to make sure customers like you have plenty of reasons for putting Emergency Locksmith on the top of their call lists. As a top-rated 24 hour locksmith in St Louis, we feel we have met that challenge for the following reasons:

  • We offer total lock and key solutions
  • Our locksmith technicians are licensed, bonded, and well-trained
  • Our services are available 24/7/365
  • Our emergency response times average under 30 minutes
  • Excellent customer service is always provided with a smile
  • Our prices are consistently fair, competitive, and affordable
  • Customer satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed – labor & materials
  • Mobile locksmith units allow us to respond anywhere in the St Louis area

Process of Hotel Door Lock Service

The hotel locksmith service process always starts with a call from hotel managers like you. Our goal is to respond as fast as possible because we know a customer relationship might be on the line.

When our technician arrives, they will quickly ascertain what you need. Once they have a full understanding of what’s needed, they can formulate a plan to address it. Maybe it’s a problem with the hotel door lock with a card or the need for a new total door lock system. It doesn’t matter because they have everything they will need to deliver the service that you want.

Quickly, efficiently, and with great care, they will do the work, hand you a bill, and be on their way to the next job.

Process of Hotel Door Lock Service

What Makes Us The Best

Since we feel we are the best locksmith in the St. Louis area, we feel obligated to tell you why we feel that is so.

It starts with the strict vetting process we use to locate and hire the best locksmith technicians. We provide them with the tools and training that are needed to handle any locksmith task. They also give customers like you something extra in the form of transparency and courteous customer service.

At the end of the day, we keep our standards high. That ensures we are always able to deliver what customers like you want and deserve in terms of quality customer service.

Benefits of Upgrading Hotel Locks

With an eye on providing a high level of door lock safety, it makes sense that you would want to ensure your hotel rooms are protected by the best locks possible. Keeping that in mind, here are the benefits you can derive from upgrading your hotel’s locks:

  • Old locks require too much maintenance
  • Enhanced security
  • Better access control
  •  Lowers staffing needs
  • Enhance each customer’s experience
Benefits of Upgrading Hotel Locks
24/7 Emergency Locksmith

24/7 Emergency Locksmith

Experience has taught us that when something goes wrong with a hotel lock, it’s going to create an emergency. That’s why we have trained our locksmith technicians to respond to hotel customers as fast as possible. We are proud to state that we offer emergency locksmith services around the clock, 24/7/365. Furthermore, we keep our mobile locksmith units strategically placed throughout the city to ensure we can respond to emergency calls for help in 30 minutes or less. No matter where your hotel/motel is located, we’ll be there in a hurry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a door lock service?

It’s difficult to give an accurate quote without knowing details like what’s needed and the possibility quantity might be a factor. If you would like specific pricing information, we encourage you to call us.

How do hotel electronic locks work?

It all starts with software that is maintained on the hotel’s server. As guests check-in, they are given a card, code, or some other means of unlocking the door. The applicable means is created by an entry on the software system that speaks in some manner with each door’s locking mechanism. When applied, presto, the door unlocks.

Do hotel doors lock on their own?

There are portable and manual locks that have to be controlled by human hands. Otherwise, electronic door locks will generally lock on their own when closed.

Are hotel locks safe?

Like everything else in life, it’s a quality issue. For the most part, hotel locks are safe. However, it’s a fact that higher quality locks will provide a lot more security than some of the cheaper locks and locks not driven by modern technology.

Any other question?