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Car Key Replacement

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Car Key Replacement Services in St Louis

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As part of serving St. Louis commuters, we offer a full menu of car locksmith services, services that include locks, keys, fob devices, ignition systems, and electronic security.

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Have you ever experienced the feeling of regret that comes from locking your keys in the car or having lost car keys in St. Louis? Even when you do everything right, a key or key fob device is always subject to damage.

Fortunately, a quality car locksmith in St. Louis like Emergency Locksmith in St. Louis can easily resolve your car key/fob device issue with a key replacement. We can offer you

We also offer other car locksmith services like

  • Car lockout service to unlock a door
  • Car key duplications (with or without the original)
  • Repair/replace/rekey locks
  • Repair/replace ignition systems

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Car Key Replacement Services in St. Louis

Car Key Replacement

From one of our mobile locksmith units, we can cut you a replacement car key for any car regardless of the car’s make, model, or year.

Types of Car Keys

Types of Car Keys

The key replacements we can provide range from a basic mechanical key to a laser cut key and everything in between

How Are Car Keys Made?

How Are Car Keys Made?

Our St. Louis mobile locksmith units are equipped with raw key stock and a variety of key-cutting machines to cut all types of keys

Car Keys

How Long Does It Take?

Depending on the type of car key to be cut, we can cut a car key in a matter of minutes while you wait

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Emergency Locksmith in St. Louis serves as a quality locksmith for the benefit of the residents in St.Louis. We employ a highly trained team of licensed locksmith technicians. They are all professional, courteous, and always working to make sure customers can always find a solution for lock, key, and security system issues.

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Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement

As a St. Louis mobile locksmith, we provide car key replacement services from our St. Louis mobile locksmith units. Our units are equipped with all the key stock and key-cutting equipment that’s necessary to quickly and efficiently make replacement keys of all types. It’s noteworthy that we can make a replacement key whether you can hand us an original key or not.

If you rely on a key fob device to lock/unlock and or start your car, we have you covered. We can also provide key fob replacement services, and that includes the ability to replace fob batteries.

Different Types of Car Keys

Most people aren’t aware that there are as many as seven (7) different types of keys. We can proudly say we can provide replacements for all these types. Here are some of the most common key types:

  • Mechanical Keys – traditional metal car keys typically used for early model cars
  • Remote Keys – battery-operated security device that operates door locks
  • Transponder Keys – Combination metal key with a transponder that contains a microchip that communicates with ignition
  • Flip Style Remotes – retractable metal key
  • Smart Keys – keyless fob devices that operate remotely
  • Valet Key – limited functionality not including unlocking glove boxes and trunks
Different Types of Car Keys

Sort All Your Automotive Needs

From key cutting to unlocking doors to replacing door and trunk locks, Emergency Locksmith in St. Louis is ready and able to meet all of your car locksmith needs. We can provide a full menu of auto locksmith services that are priced to be affordable with your satisfaction, as a valued customer, guaranteed.

How Car Key Replacements Are Made?

It’s not difficult for a quality car locksmith to make a replacement key of any kind. That’s especially true when it comes to a car key.

What you might not realize is your car manufacturer maintains a database of key specs for each car they manufacture. As long as your locksmith technician has access to your VIN #, they can get access to the manufacturer’s database and hence, the key’s specs. With that spec in hand, they only need to pick the right key stock, enter the key’s specs into the key-cutting equipment and within minutes, a new key is ready.

How Are Replacement Car Keys Made?
How Long Does It Take To Get a Car Key Replaced?

How Long Does It Take To Get a Car Key Replaced?

From the moment you contact one of our locksmith technicians and they arrive at your location, it won’t take much time to make a replacement key. If they have an original, they can go through the whole process in a matter of minutes. Without the original, it would take a little longer.

They would need time to find the VIN #, contact the manufacturer’s database, and secure the key specs. After that, it’s business as usual, and a key is ready in minutes.

Note: Making the right key fob replacement might take a bit longer, requiring the locksmith to find the right device while allowing an hour or so of programming.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Emergency Locksmith in St. Louis, you can count on fast responses and good work from our well-trained team of locksmith technicians. All of our car locksmith services are available at prices that are affordable with your satisfaction 100% guaranteed.

Will I need to prove the car belongs to me?

Yes. As licensed car locksmiths in St. Louis, we are obligated to protect the owner of the car. As soon as you provide us with a valid ID and a document that shows your entitlement to the vehicle, we’ll be good to go.

Are there any limits to how many replacement keys I can secure?

No. From one of our mobile units, we can cut as many keys as you might require, all while you wait.

How much will it cost to have a new key made?

Of course, it would depend on the type of key you would need and the effort that would go into making a new key. With that said, we can assure you that our prices are affordable and very much in line with the competition in St. Louis.

Any other question?