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5 benefits of the company:

  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Emergency locksmith available
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Here’s a look at the services we offer.

When issues arise with locks, keys, or an electronic security system, it’s not something a layperson can handle on their own. In such cases, Emergency Locksmith St. Louis stands ready to save the day.

With more than enough locksmith competition in St. Louis, we are obligated to do what’s necessary in order to lay claim to being a top locksmith in St. Louis. That’s exactly what we do by offering customers like you quality St. Louis locksmith services at prices that are competitive and affordable. We stand firmly by our work, making sure you are completely satisfied with our results. Call us now or visit us in our store in St. Louis.

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As a homeowner or renter, you need your home’s security features to keep intruders away from you, your family, and your personal assets. At the same time, you need those same security features to allow you and your family easy access to the home. To ensure both of these things, we offer the following residential locksmith service:

  • Home lockout service
  • Rekey locks
  • Repair and replace locks
  • Key duplication services
  • Repair and install electronic security


As a resident of St. Louis, you need easy access to your car. If your car’s locks or keys fail, you are stranded. For your benefit as a commuter, Emergency Locksmith St. Louis offers the following car locksmith services:

  • Car lockout service
  • Rekey door and trunk locks
  • Repair and replace locks
  • Key duplication service
  • Repair and replace the ignition system
  • Fob device repairs and programming

These car locksmith services are available for all makes/models/years.

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About Emergency Locksmith St. Louis

Emergency Locksmith St. Louis is manned by a fine group of locksmith technicians. We offer quality servicing in everything we do in our shop in St. Louis and as a mobile locksmith service. It’s our goal to be the best locksmith in the region, something we strive for by meeting the needs of our customers at fair prices. We offer regular and emergency locksmith services. Visit or call us for help.


As top locksmiths in St. Louis, we have to be ready to serve a large business community. With our fleet of mobile locksmith units, we are able to serve businesses throughout the city with the following commercial locksmith services:

  • Rekey locks after employee departures
  • Repair and replace entrance and office locks
  • Office lockout service
  • Repair, maintain, and install office electronic security
  • Key duplication service
Commercial Locksmith in St Louis
Emergency Locksmith in St Louis, Missouri


To our highly trained team of locksmith technicians, every call for help is treated like an emergency call. We always assume calls are coming from customers like you who are dealing with a difficult situation because of an issue related to a lock, key, or electronic security system.

As a St. Louis local locksmith, we are prepared to immediately respond to calls. Our response goal is set at 30 minutes or less. Upon arrival, our locksmith technician will assess and resolve the customer’s issue as fast as humanly possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when choosing Emergency Locksmith in St. Louis?

Your focus should be on finding an emergency locksmith company that employs licensed and bonded locksmiths. This ensures you will get help from an experienced locksmith with a history of trustworthiness.

How can I confirm a locksmith is indeed licensed and qualified?

You have a right to request to see their actual license as issued by the state in question. Subclasses 2B, 2C, 2D, and 2E would be the preferred licenses.

Would I be okay to use a cheaper option as opposed to getting a licensed locksmith?

Tough call. We would not recommend you go in that direction. The benefits of hiring a professional licensed locksmith include getting an experienced professional person who is bonded and obligated to do good work to maintain licensing.

Will I need to provide any documentation if I need new car keys or car lockout service?

Yes, that’s for your protection. We would need documents that show your identity and tie you to ownership of the car in question.

Any other question?

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