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Aw, those pesky car keys. They are always causing problems for drivers like you. When they break or get lost, it’s always at the worst time possible. That’s not to forget to mention that the need for duplicate car keys never seems to end when multiple drivers are involved.

If for any reason you need a car key copy, Emergency Locksmith will be here to answer your call. From the back of our mobile locksmith units, we can provide car key cutting services for all car makes, models, and years. Even better, we can provide these services in a minute or two per key while you wait. The benefits of this elite locksmith service include:

Highly trained technicians at your service

Easy Process

If you give us a call, we can come to your location, take the original car key, and make all the spare keys that you need.

All types of Car Keys

If you lose a key and need a replacement, we can help you if you can prove your ID and your right to access the car in question.

All Makes and Models

Our mobile units are fully equipped to allow our locksmith technicians to provide services to any car with no regard for the car’s year, make, or model.

Wide Range of Services

In addition to key cutting, we can rekey/replace/repair locks, fix ignition system issues, and repair/install car electronic security systems.

Who We Are

Emergency Locksmith has been serving the fine people of St. Louis for years now. We offer a full range of locksmith services for residential properties, commercial businesses, and automobiles. In case of emergency, we are prepared to respond to all emergency calls in 30 minutes or less, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

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Highly trained technicians at your service

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How to Get a Car Key Copy

If you need a car key duplication to serve as a spare key, we’ll be glad to help. The process is very simple.

First, give us a call at Emergency Locksmith St. Louis and request our car key copy service. We’ll immediately dispatch one of our mobile locksmith units to your designated location. Upon their arrival, all you will need to do is give them the key or keys you want duplicated. Equipped with the right raw key stock and key cutting machinery, they’ll be able to cut all of the spare keys you need while you wait.

Nothing in life will ever be easier than getting a car key copy from an Emergency Locksmith.

Types of Car Keys

Here are the types of car keys we can easily replace at a fraction of the cost charged by other providers:

Laser key: Machine cut with laser technology, includes a built-in transponder chip that’s specifically programmed to bypass your ignition security

Transponder key: A carefully cut key that contains a small chip (VAT or PAT) that is included on the key for maximum security.

Key Fob: Standard key with an attached button-operated device that serves to lock and unlock doors and the trunk. Programming included

Classic Car key: A metal key that locks/unlocks/starts a classic or antique car that was manufactured before the advent of key fobs and transponder keys

Smart key: Remotely operated all-inclusive key device that locks/unlocks/starts. This type of car key is cut by a milling process and programmed

Remote key: All-in-one metal key and fob combination that requires machine cutting and programming

Sort All Your Locksmith Needs

As a reminder, Emergency Locksmith is a full-service locksmith serving the fine people of St. Louis. We can provide a full range of locksmith services for your home, business, and car. As long as your issue involves a security feature (lock, key, or electronic security system), we should be able to solve your issue at an incredibly affordable price.

Lost Car Keys?

If you lose your car key, you don’t need to panic. Emergency Locksmith will still be able to help you. It will just require a couple of extra steps.

Before we can provide a lost car key replacement, we will need certain documentation. First, we’ll need to see some form of personal ID so we can confirm your identity. Second, we will need to see some type of documentation that serves as proof that you are entitled to have access to the car in question. Finally, we’ll need access to the car’s VIN. We’ll use that number to find the car key specs in the manufacturer’s database.

Provide all of this and we are good to go.

We Work With All Makes and Models

Since St. Louis is a huge metropolitan area, we know ahead of time that we have to be able to provide automotive locksmith services for hundreds of different types of cars. That is exactly what we can do.

If you have any concerns about whether we can service your type of car, let us put those concerns aside. We can provide duplicate or lost car key replacements for any car without regard for the car’s year, make, or model. That includes domestic cars, foreign-made cars, vans, trucks, and even motorcycles.

We can do this because our mobile locksmith units are fully equipped with the right supplies and materials. It’s no small thing that our fine team of locksmith technicians have a great amount of automotive knowledge to help them provide the locksmith services that are needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you program a key fob without going to the dealership?

Yes we can. As long as we have the VIN, we can use a special software program that we have purchased to locate the programming specs for any key fob device.

Can a locksmith cut a key without a key?

Yes. However, you’ll have to provide personal identification, documentation that authorizes you to have access to the car in question, and the car’s VIN.

Can you make a spare key from a VIN?

If we don’t have an original key, we would need the car’s VIN to create a new key. We would use the VIN to locate the key specs in the manufacturer’s database.

How much does it cost for roadside car key cutting services?

It’s difficult to give a quote without knowing what type of car with which we would be dealing and how many keys were needed. Call us and we will give you a good estimate.

Any other question?