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It’s a real challenge to figure out the best way to keep your commercial property protected. It involves having a lock and key security system that makes sense for your company. If you have a medium to large size business, might we recommend you go with a master key/lock solution?

We install types of master key systems throughout the St Louis area. We can look at your needs and help you design a system that is easy to use and keeps things safe. We’ll also make sure you understand how to make the system work efficiently.

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Master key/lock systems

How Do Master Keys Work?

Master key/lock systems can be created so one key controls all locks or a hierarchy of keys can be designed based on access authority.

Master Key System in Office Buildings

Master Key System Benefits

Top master key/lock system benefits include cost savings, better building access control, fewer issues with lost and stolen keys, and minimization of keys.

Master Key System Applications

Applications of the Master Key System

Such systems work best when divided in security matters, the office manager has to control too many keys, or the company deals with sensitive information and materials.

24 Hour Master Key Locksnmith

24 Hour Master Key Services

Our mobile locksmiths are available in 30 minutes or less on a 245/7/365 basis, This includes master key/lock services.

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Master Keys

How Do Master Keys Work?

Since locks are likely central to your building’s security system, you have an obligation to make sure you install a key/lock system that works. If you have a medium to large size facility, finding the right system could be a challenge. The best system will always be the most secure and easiest system to control. We would like to recommend a master key/lock system.

It can work one of two ways. First, you could go with a system that requires one master key for all locks. This is the perfect solution if you want to provide equal access to the building and all offices.

As an alternative, you could go with a key hierarchical system where keys and locks are organized based on some form of access criteria. In such a system, certain employees would get certain keys that access a limited number of locks. This is a viable solution for major corporations and manufacturing plants.

Master Key System Benefits

The choice to go with a master key/lock system should be based on the benefits you could derive by doing so. To be clear, the possible benefits might vary a little based on the type of system you might choose. With that said, here are some general benefits that could be available with such a system:

  • Better control over building and office access
  • Ability to minimize the number of keys needed to run the business
  • Money and time savings
  • Fewer problems with lost and stolen keys
Master Key System

Sort All Your Commercial Needs

Aside from serving as a master key locksmith, we also offer a full slate of commercial locksmith services. These services are available for small businesses and large corporations alike.

Some of the specific commercial lock-related locksmith services we offer to business owners/managers include office and building lockout service, rekeying of locks, lock repairs, and installation of new locks. We also offer services like maintenance and installation of commercial building electronic security systems, key duplications, and building security consultations and recommendations.

Applications of the Master Key System

It might be overkill to install a master key/lock system in a small facility. As a reputable master key locksmith, that is not something we would recommend. However, there are circumstances under which having such a security system would make good sense. Here are a few of those circumstances:

  1. Organization has multiple access authority levels
  2. Company wants building access limited by functional departments
  3. Office manager is overwhelmed trying to keep track of keys
  4. Company has low employee turnover
  5. Company deals in sensitive information or materials
Applications of the Master Key System
Master Key Locksmith

24 Hour Master Key Services

As astute master key locksmiths, we fully understand locks and keys can’t tell time. They are just as likely to break/malfunction during the day as they are at night. That is exactly why we offer 24/7/365 emergency master key/lock services.

In order to serve customers like you when needed, we maintain a fleet of mobile locksmiths on the streets of St Louis around the clock. That ensures we can answer most calls in 30 minutes or less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a master key unlock anything?

No. Master keys will only unlock locks with matching locking mechanisms.

Can a master key be duplicated?

Master keys/locks are patented. Only the lock manufacturer can make duplicate keys.

Can master locks be picked?

Unfortunately, most types of master locks can be picked.

What is the cost of a master key/lock system?

We would need to know how many locks were needed and what types of locks are under consideration before making an estimate. We can state our prices are always fair and affordable.

Any other question?